What are Terpenes and why should someone eating an edible care?

Cannabis flowers secrete a sticky resin gland, or fragrant oils that provide each strain with its unique aromatic qualities.  These oils produce THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. These terpenes are what bind to the brain and provide you with the various effects:


Indica-  Body Effect-Relaxed and tranquil or “in the couch” effect.


Sativa-Head Effect-  More of a happy, euphoric yet, relaxed and uplifting sensation can be achieved.


CBD and CBD/Blends- Cannabinoid-terpenoid interactions amplify the beneficial effects of cannabis while mitigating THC-induced anxiety.


“If smoking cannabis or eating an infused cookie has caused you anxious discomfort in the past, CBD blend s work the best” says Deanna Henderson, Owner of Henderson Distribution, Inc.  “I have never been able to comfortably use cannabis until I tried the tinctures infused with CBD, I wanted to crawl under the covers from anxiety.  I can even consume tinctures without CBD, But in small quantities.  Now I can relax and unwind with no discomfort whatsoever.”  HD Tinctures are made with Sunflower Lecithin which helps it to absorb into your bloodstream faster.  That way you can truly control the total effect without waiting to see if you did too much.


As quoted in Leafly “When choosing your method of ingestion, keep in mind that the beneficial qualities of terpenes can be seriously damaged if heated past their boiling point.”


At Henderson Distribution, Inc., all of our “Incredible Edibles are naturally infused.


Our tinctures and cooking oils are infused using low heat decarboxylation (low heat infusion for long periods of time to enable all of the CBA and THCA to be activated) and the terpenes are not altered in any way.  We do not use any chemical processing or distillates, which eliminate the terpenes.  We ensure you get the truest form of cannabis available on the market in an edible.  Additionally, our herbal supplements bind with the cannabis to provide you an enhanced cannabis/supplement experience.


So, if you want to enjoy a ‘REAL’ cannabis experience out of edibles, make sure you choose a product that is in its truest form and not modified to the point of altering its properties.


That leaves you with only one choice for edibles!

by Deanna Henderson


Incredible Edibles and Kronic Tonic Tincture

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