Unwind Your Way Discreetly

Henderson Distribution is the proud creator and producer of Kronic Tonic Tincture, Incredible Edibles, Num-Num Buds, and Kronic Klimax.  Our commitment is to quality and 100% all natural products made with absolutely no chemicals. transparent products.png

I am a cancer survivor, and I used your ‘crash oil’ to help me through it.  I wasn’t eating or sleeping, and just felt crappy with an attitude to match.

I was turned on to “crash” by the grace of God, who put this herb on this earth for a reason, and your use of it in this product, and edibles has helped me immensely.  It made life tolerable and helped me to become more positive and calm about a hopeful outcome, it was a saving grace to me.

I began to eat and slowly gained my weight back, and I slept at night which is so important in the healing process.

It’s a shame it’s not legal in every state, or the entire univers for that matter, especially when it makes such a positive difference to so many peoples lives when they’re so sick.

Thank you so much for making and putting a product like crash, the edibles and CBD tinctures out there for people like us who really need it.

It is one of the most powerful natural medicines I’ve used, and I much prefer natural to man-made solutions, they don’t destroy your body in the process.

Many Thanks,



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